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The Ritchie J Show on Smile Radio - 30.10.2018

October 31, 2018

The Ritchie J Show - Mon-Thursdays 1-3pm (U.K Time) Live on: Or Download the app for free for Smart devices!

Join Ritchie Stonian Johnston, weekday afternoons for a mix of random fun facts and great unsigned, undiscovered music from all over the world! This week is half term so Ritchie cranked out a cheeky 6pm show on 30.10.2018 uncovering the worlds creepiest urban legends that happened to be true courtesy of America's No.1 Funny site:

Ritchie also brought a load of #NewMusicAlerts featuring these amazing artists and songs:

Mr. Know-it-all - Christine Martines

The Others - PHIBA

Be the One - Lakelands

PTSD - Stalking Gia

Sometimes you gotta Go - Rob Moir

In My Head - Rynn

Two Halves - Sunflower Thieves

Chaple - The Mannerly Hoods

House of Commoners - The Rosadocs

Caught Stealing - Crystal Tides

Lilac - Estrons

Good to know (I'm still on your mind) - Beach Riot

Foreign Air - Raffer

I was made to love him - Tilde

Burial - Baby FuzZ

Paramnesia - Harvie June

Turner - Mt. Cleverest

Demons - Vilnes

Our House - The Calicos

Frances - Evan Myall

How Lucky I am - Sammy & The Cosmos

No Apologies - Creature Canyon

Happy - Alex Jaguar, Isela Salas


Ritchie will be back again with an all new mix to Smile radio soon!

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