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The Ritchie J Show on Smile Radio - 30.01.2019

January 30, 2019

Tune in to the "Ritchie J Show on Smile Radio" for the best New Music alerts, from the best Independent Artists from around the world, he's grumpy, he moans and he has trivia, it's THE RITCHIE J SHOW!



On this show:

Ritchie has a rant about social media again, we also have trivia from America's funny site: - "The Celebrities that are waaaay out of touch with Reality"

With music from todays Featured Artist: The Kut and some awesome, Indie, Rock, Pop and Alternative from Ashes for Dreams, Wyatt Blair, Emily Reo, NO WIN, Martin Frawley, Royal Headache, VanIves, E M I L I E, Fatherson, Inkblot Astronaut, Javie Bahama, MOSES, The Caress, A Second Life, Stay Young, The Gravity Drive, Holy Pinto, The Empty Page, Hello Cosmos & The One Eyed General's Bandit!


Plus much, much more!

much, much more!You know where to listen: images?aHR0cDovL3d3dy5zbWlsZXJhZGlvLmNvL Mon-Wednesday 1-3pm!

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