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The Renegade Rock Show with the GameboyZ - 11.05.2019

May 11, 2019

Tune in every Friday night from 10pm for "The GameboyZ of Smile Radio & The Renegade Rock Hours" bringing a mix of banter and fresh, new, hot, rock music from independent artists from around the world!



On this show:

Ritchie J and Jonno are joined by other fellow GameboyZ co-host James Herrington, the guys chat about - The 22 Ways Sex can and has gone wrong (Be warned, it's not for the feint)

Plus some great uncensored, new music from Alter Bridge, The Barratts, As December Falls, Corella, Within the Willows, Papa Roach, Falling through April, Dead Letter Box, Trapt, Right on Kid!, Metallica, Rev Theory, Coming Clean, Sinaro, Dark New Day, Dead lights & Breaking Benjamin!



Hosted by: Jonathan Edwards, James Herrington & Ritchie J

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