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The GameboyZ Talk Paranormal Experiences

The GameboyZ Talk Paranormal Experiences

November 21, 2020

Join the GameboyZ Live on Smile Radio every Saturday night from 10pm as they talk, conspiracy theories, paranormal and unexplained experiences, the majority of the group is sceptics so be prepared for some just as bizarre, on the spot, unscripted theories as an attempt at explaination!


Join: Jonathan Edwards, James Herrington, Ritchie Johnston & Ryin Leeder each week for discussion and maybe a bit of laughter.


This week they are joined by fellow GameboyZ "Military Mark"!

The GameboyZ Talk The Philadelphia Experiment

The GameboyZ Talk The Philadelphia Experiment

November 7, 2020

Join the Gameboyz of Smile Radio (Ritchie Johnston, James Herrington, Jonathan Edwards & Ryin Leeder) as they spend half hour of unscripted time talking the mysterious and paranormal, Now this isn't for the feint of heart and does come with a language warning!


This weeks topic: The Philadelphia Experiment... Fact or just plain fiction?


You can catch us Saturday nights from 10pm on 


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twitter & Instagram: @smileradio3


Keep Believing and keep the faith!

TheGameboyZ talk Springheeled Jack

TheGameboyZ talk Springheeled Jack

October 31, 2020

Welcome to this Smile Radio Exclusive, The Gameboyz back on air after a long hiatus, have returned with a new "paranormal" "unexplained" podcast.


Join us for the next few weeks as we talk about histories most unexplained cases of the supernatural, paranormal and darn right weird.


Be advised it's not for the feint of heart or easily offended as each episode is recorded unscripted. 


So join James Herrington, Jonathan Edwards, Ritchie "Stonian" Johnston and occasionally Ryin Leeder as they chat through stories that just don't make sense.


Catch our show live on Smile Radio: Saturday Nights from 10pm.


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The GameboyZ - Live From Lockdown #2

The GameboyZ - Live From Lockdown #2

April 9, 2020

Tune in every Thursday Nights 9pm for "The GameboyZ of Smile Radio, unscripted, random chat, T.V, Film and Gaming talk with a dash of Comedy and a massive, helping of the best Independent Music and Featured Artists from around the world!  


It's Live on a Thursday, Unscripted and totally NSFW it's THE GAMEBOYZ only on Smile Radio.

On this Show:


The Guys try to Lighten the mood with some dark twisted humor, and social satire with a great mix of music. 

This weeks show is hosted by: Ritchie "Stonian" Johnston

The Guys also Stream on Mixer playing on Xbox One.


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