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The Ritchie J Show on Smile Radio - 25.10.2018

The Ritchie J Show on Smile Radio - 25.10.2018

October 25, 2018

The Ritchie J Show is back for one last time this week! Listen now to find out the 31 global monsters that will terrify your dreams courtesy of America's Funny site:


Also on the show Ritchie featured #NewMusicAlerts featuring these great artists and songs:

Moon - Marty Zlystra

Imperfect by design - Flares

Forgotten love  - AURORA

Let me think - Amanda Tenfjord

Magic - The Como Brothers

Boomerang - Erin Kirby

Together we are the same - AMZY

The Dark - Towers and Trees

China Shop - St. Lucia

Paola - Shout out Louds

Too Late - Tadhg Daly

I belong - Rikke Normann

Signs (I wish I knew) - Dana Ben David

Independence Day - Charlie Haley & The Band

Hald mi Hand - Oselie

Love & Secrets - The New Starts

Tie Me Up - Mickey James

Heaven on my skin - Oscar Enestad

I like the way - Lovelytheband

See you again - The Gray Havens

Human - Will Rutherford

Eyes on us - The Treble

Insomniac - Slaters, Valentina

Speak - The Hollow Men

Fountain of Youth - Echo Nebraska


Ritchie is back again Monday with an all new show kicking off at 1pm (U.K Time) so tune in and listen live online: or download the app for free on Smart devices!


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The Midweek Mashup on Smile Radio

The Midweek Mashup on Smile Radio

October 24, 2018

it's "The Midweek Mashup" on Smile Radio, listen in for an hour and a half of banter and rock music to prep you for the upcoming weekend!


Hosted by: Jonathan Edwards, James Herrington & Ritchie Johnston!

This week the lads have a moan about life, the things that grinds their gears, Ross from friends being a shoplifter and a trip aboard the Titanic 2 in 2020, plus a little bit of chat about next years download!

And Ritchie kicks off the show talking about the upcoming film release of "The Last Day" A feature he has been working on for the last five years which releases this Sunday (28th October) on Youtube!

Plus, the show features the best unsigned rock music from around the world, the playlist featuring:

I wanna be good - The Thinking men

Falling Symphony - Statue of Goat

Nine Candles - Supralunar

Blood & Ashes - The Spiral Sequence

Ride - As December Falls

The Fury - Sun like Blood

Half Past Dead - Half Past Dead

Chicago - ReMatch

Two Faced - For the Better

Here come the Wolves - Strange Bones

Low Payout - Big Mother Gig feat. Dicky Barrett


It's a late night line up show, so not for the easily offended as some songs may contain explicit lyrics!

Tune in again next wednesday live from 9pm: or download the app for free for itunes and Android devices!

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The Ritchie J Show on Smile Radio - 24.10.2018

The Ritchie J Show on Smile Radio - 24.10.2018

October 24, 2018

"The Ritchie J Show" is back again listen now to 2 hours of fun factoids and unsigned music, with Ritchie Stonian Johnston!

Todays factoids courtesy of America's funny site was the 23 creepiest places to visit in the world plus some #NEWMUSICALERTS from these artists and songs!


Shreeking Green - Jerry Hull

Burn the man - Simon D James

To the Bone - Blushes

Skip the encore -  The Pinnacles

Beloved - Handstand Parade

My Eden - Pip Hall

Wild - The Covasettes

Sockets - Vigilantes

It's all fake - Feral Family

Cardigan Cool - Cosmo Calling

Heaven adores you - Violet

Inn for landing - Niklas Skjelin

Baby you're mine - Ali Jacko

The Wave - Hawk & The Wild

Missing the 1:45 - Sean Frazer

Serotonin - The High Loves

Snow - Nicolai Funch

Come undone - Clay Lomax

Falling - Sophia Annello

Gravity - The Frontier

Bye, Bye Manchester - Melanie Pain

Lightheaded - The Family Knife


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The Ritchie J Show on Smile Radio - 23.10.2018

The Ritchie J Show on Smile Radio - 23.10.2018

October 23, 2018

The Ritchie J show is back on Smile Radio, listen now to todays fun factoids which is gross facts about the human body you didn't want to know but are going to anyway!


Plus the usual mix from his hotlist of New & Exciting Undiscovered Music! It's a playlist you don't want to miss featuring music from!

Chasing Clouds, Earthy Babes, Rival Sons, Guerilla Toss, MYLK, Plastic Picnic, Mylk (not an error we do infact have two different Mylks today!) The Good Neighbors, Isle of Wish & Much, much more!


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The Ritchie J Show On Smile Radio - 22.10.2018

The Ritchie J Show On Smile Radio - 22.10.2018

October 22, 2018

Ritchie Stonian Johnston is back with "The Ritchie J Show" A new week begins with a hotlist of music! Every Mon-Thursday 1-3pm (U.K Time) Live on Smile Radio!

Tune in live: or download the app for smart devices!

Todays #Hotlist with some hits recommended by Indie Panda features #NewMusicAlerts from Project Redshift Black Spring RenattaJane Red Pants Music The Secondhand Empire Andrew Jacob Bess Atwell Miink Tawiah Dream System 8 Nana Adjoa & much much more. Plus The usual fun alternative facts!


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